A Brief History of Physics of Pranayama

How does it all work?

23 November 2015

The FIRST public talk of the #physicsofpranayama organized by Kanchan Sardana & Sreedevi Kavuturu
The name @ProfessorProton was coined at this NYC talk
This was the flyer that Dhwani Shelat & Anish Bhatt designed! This theme became our standard Flyer for #physicsofpranayama
The REFLECTIONS photo from the Bayonne event. Amit Haryani at his geeky best.
It was great to give this talk at a University setting with a full wide White Board!

If I had known this [scientific] detail when I took the program, I would not have stopped doing my practice!

Physics of Pranayama was Zooming even before people could spell Zoom!

This was the setup… Whiteboard on the wall, iPhone for camera and audio, and a working WiFi connection!
It was fun to interact with a LIVE audience across the seven seas, in REAL time!
The FIRST Zoom session audience… South Mumbai … Anuraag Agarwal and Shibani Sachdeva organizers.
A session with Ajay Bakshi & Vindhya in Bengaluru
Zoom session of Physics of Pranayama from the basement of Dhwani Shelat & Anish Bhatt’s home in Jersey City, NJ
A fun session in Jersey City, NJ
Kumar Simha organized this second zoom session for Bengaluru
Ajay & Vaishali Kalaskar organized this session in Atlanta, GA
Pooja Tidke & Vaishali Ganorkar organized this session in Dadar, Mumbai.
Aman Sheel & Lux Iyer pulled off this wonderful session in Dallas, TX.
The session at Sri Sri Gyan Mandir in Ahmedabad. Nimisha Trivedi-Parikh, Dhwani Shelat, Chintan Vyas & Tushar Panchal pulled off this fantastic session which was delivered in HingLish!
The first volunteer is always special. Pooja jumped on to help even before she attended the session!
Our Group of Nine

What you understand, that you can Master.

Global Impact of #physicsofpranayama in 30 days

We’re just getting STARTED!

Cities in India that #physicsofpranayama has reached since March 20, 2020!
The cities in India with 5+ people having attended the #physicsofpranayama sessions since March 20, 2020!
States in the USA where #physicsofpranayama has reached via Zoom since March 20, 2020.

Are you motivated to bring Physics of Pranayama to your city/region/country?




By training a PhD Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay; By passion a volunteer Meditation Instructor with the Art of Living Foundation.

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Sandeep Karode

Sandeep Karode

By training a PhD Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay; By passion a volunteer Meditation Instructor with the Art of Living Foundation.

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