Life Lessons from IP Man

IP Man series of Movies. Image Source: Netflix

Kai saal pehele ki ye baat hai…

There’s something about this line. It’s a great beginning to a story. Reflective.

Though it seems like it, my introduction to IP Man did not happen a long long time ago, in a land far far away! It…

A Year End Review

What. A. Year.

We were coasting along, mindlessly for the most of us. Set in our ways. A this-is-how-it-needs-to-be attitude. And bam. #2020

Nature said, “Here’s a Virus!”

Social distancing; Lockdown; Quarantine; Work from home; These became the new normal. Masks. Masks were ripped off. Those fake ones that we…

The Darshan

It’s that time of the year. Time to welcome the Obstacle Remover!

Traditionally, Vighnaharta (obstacle remover) is welcomed with an offering of Modak.

A virus brought the World to a standstill. Circa March 2020 is when worldwide activities started shutting down in an attempt to flatten the curve. Most activities moved into online space.

Physics of Pranayama (#physicsofpranayama) went online (Zoom) on March 20, 2020. The Excel day calculator shows that

June 28…

Pictorial puzzles are everywhere! They show up in the puzzle of interpreting Heliographics, in classics like Sherlock Holmes’ puzzle in the Adventures of the Dancing Men and as picture puzzles and quizzes on social media.

Somewhere on the internet, on Facebook specifically, I’ve seen this puzzle floating around:

The Original Puzzle

Such posts…

I won’t say how much George Floyd’s untimely and shocking manner of demise has shaken me.

There, I just did!

It got me thinking. It totally shook me right down to my foundation! No matter whether I meditated once, twice or six times a day, the inner shaking was palpable.

If you’ve ever stepped into a Kitchen or a manufacturing plant or any process that is multi-step, you most likely have followed a Recipe. What is a recipe?

A Recipe is the sum total of all the process variations with systematic adjustments for failures while building on successes.

There are…

The series of talks on the Physics of Pranayama began with one question:

How does it all work?

Following advice from my favorite movie character, I’ll back up a bit.

Let’s start at the very beginning… A very good place to start! …

A Tale of Two Pizzas!

#LetMenCook is fast becoming the New #COVID-19 Normal. And, it’s about time! Men have been freeloading for sufficiently long time now and it is time they (we!) get our act together. Those who know me will get the they bracket we! nuance. …

Online Life in the COVID-19 environment

Ever since the lockdown and work from home (#WFH) transition, many people have taken to #zoom or other online portals for almost all things which, at one time, were primarily Face-to-Face events.

Meetings have moved online (I’ve had more meetings with my customers and colleagues in South East Asia since…

Sandeep Karode

By training a PhD Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay; By passion a volunteer Meditation Instructor with the Art of Living Foundation.

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